The time has come for a change …
… although with us they have been going on for some time;)

Over the years, the nature of the functioning of our Section has taken a new direction. Every year we are pleased with the attendance at the conferences organized by the Section. We see well-known faces, but we are proud that our meetings attract more and more new participants from various centers – both students, doctoral students and doctors – Young Scientists. This means that also in recent years, the group of our recipients has significantly increased.

We try not only to provide better access to science to those who are starting their adventure in chemical and biological sciences, but also to constantly increase the level of our other activities and the quality of materials we provide to you.

We want the image of the entity to match the standards prevailing in many other countries and to correspond to its functioning. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that with the expressed support of the Main Board of the Polish Chemical Society, from today the name of the Student Section of the Polish Chemical Society is changed to

Young Section of the Polish Chemical Society (YCPCS)

In connection with this change, new regulations of the Section will soon be defined, and from today we are starting the process of changing the image of information channels.

From today, we invite you to:
Twitter: @smptchem
LinkedIn: company / smptchem

The next step will be to change the website addresses – we will keep you informed about this and other changes.

We cordially greet you and encourage you to follow our further actions

The Board of the Young Section of the Polish Chemical Society